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I'm allergic to fluff - you won't find any of that around here. Instead, my heart is for the deep work - the work that transforms your life, your business, and the world around you. Take a look below for some of the ways we can build more impact + income together!

move mountains EXPERIENCE

A one-of-a-kind, 4-month experience where you’ll learn the roadmap to scaling and growing your business so that you can make more money, have more time for what matters most in your life, and have a greater influence on the people you love on + serve.

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1:1 coaching calls

Need help clarifying your vision + goals? Ready to launch your business or project and not sure where to start? Looking to scale your products or services with funnels and paid advertising? Work 1:1 with Jordan to build your own unique marketing plan.


deep work collective

DWC is a faith-filled, year-long mastermind for female entrepreneurs who want to grow in their faith, life and business. This program will include personal and group coaching, an intimate community of like-minded women, exclusive trainings, and two in-person retreats.

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"Having Jordan as my coach has been the best investment I’ve ever made in my business! For every one of the scary ideas I voice out loud, she has 25 ways to help me make it happen and a whole lot of enthusiasm to pump me up and motivate me to get it done! She has given me the tools and confidence to grow in meaningful ways and continually shows me that anything is possible for me in both business and life.

Working with someone who has my same faith is so refreshing too as she has helped me work through some of the tapes that play in my head when it comes to what success looks like for a follower of Christ. She prioritizes being PURPOSEFUL and SERVING others as the motivation behind all the profit she brings to her own business and that mentality has become so integral in mine as well.

She helped me go from part-time to full-time in my photography business and continues to help me scale, all while keeping the goals of more freedom and prioritizing the things that matter most to me as the guiding factors. Having her as my coach feels more like having a genius best friend who is available for the real, deep conversations and, when needed, that kick in the pants when fear or a limiting belief is holding me back. Jordan is reliable, communicative, and 100% the real deal! If there’s one thing I can promise you, it’s that you won’t regret hiring her as your business coach!"

- Kira Goff | Wedding, Portrait, and Brand Photographer

"Working with Jordan Jones hasn’t just impacted my business, it’s impacted my life. I remember the day I hired her and she hoped on a plane to fly out to me to create my business from the ground up. She’s the type of person who comes to the table with ideas and always makes you feel secure and confident about your decisions with your business.

My marketing, my websites and my courses have been flawless since locking arms with Jordan. In one month alone, my business brought in over $30,000 in profit! Plus our first retreat is already half way sold out in less than a month! Jordan is by far one of the best, but what sets her apart is her heart, her drive and her commitment to building a person not just a business!"

- Samantha Sagot | Confidence Coach + Serial Entrepreneur

"Having Jordan as your coach, confidant, cheerleader, funnel guru, and marketing master in your back pocket will be hands down the best investment you will make in your business.  Every time you come to her with a problem, she gives you a list of approximately a bajillion solutions and strategies to turn it around.  You can trust her with your tears - to motivate, encourage, inspire and listen, and you can trust her with your triumphs - to celebrate you at your highs.  But, not only does she support you with words, she gets down to the nitty gritty strategy that will quite frankly, blow your mind, to help you scale your business in ways you couldn’t imagine without her guidance.

You might find yourself thanking her for years to come for the brilliant ideas she posed to you, or the strategy that helped you double your income, but mostly, you’ll be thanking her for caring just as much about your success as she does her own.

She will help you design marketing funnels and facebook ad strategies that work - yes. But most importantly, she will help you chart a clear direction for your business that is aligned with your purpose in this world, and help you build a business that not only brings you joy, but freedom.  She’ll help you build a business that puts your family and faith first, and help you become the best version of yourself."

- Laura Neff | Photographer + Educator

totally biased, but i work with the *best* people

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