Build & launch your evergreen funnel with simplicity & ease.

(+ without the tech overwhelm)

Our signature, 4-week coaching intensive is designed for coaches and creative entrepreneurs who want to scale their business through courses & online programs.


You know that program that you've always wanted to launch? Or the one you've been dreaming of taking to the next level?

But *something* gets in the way...

Maybe it's that you've been so busy working IN your business instead of ON your business that you've never had time to focus on it...

Or maybe it's that you need more clarity and confidence on how to launch and scale a program that will get your students great results, without taking all of your time...

Or maybe it's that you are finally ready to take your 1:1 services or live programs and turn them into an evergreen funnel, but you have no idea where to start...

Or maybe it's that you're too overwhelmed by the tech and trying to figure out how it all works together and so you keep putting off launching that program for something easier...

Or maybe it's been those sneaky little doubts and fears that tell you that you're not *quite* ready or someone else is already doing it or (you name the limiting belief here)...

Or maybe it's that you're tired of live launching, and the idea of going evergreen is super appealing but also suuuuper overwhelming to think of figuring out on your own...

Believe me, I know what each and every one of these fears feel like. We lived in them for YEARS.

But I also know what it feels like to overcome them.

To finally launch courses and membership sites and coaching programs and masterminds and retreats. To sell them with ease and without the overwhelm. To get real results for my students that don't just transform their businesses, but give me more freedom in my own life and business.

Take my first maternity leave for example...

With one funnel, we earned over $30k while I was at home snuggling Ellie and taking time off as a self-employed entrepreneur (while STILL making sure my students were being served and getting results).

I don't know about you... but THOSE are the marketing strategies and funnels I care about. The ones that don't just transform your students' lives, but they transform your life & business for the better, too.

THIS is why I am so darn passionate about helping entrepreneurs like you FINALLY build those funnels that you've been putting off for another day.

Because your dreams are worth it. Because your audience needs it. And because your life and business deserve to see the fruit of everything you have to offer.

If you're throwing up praise hands & raising a hallelujah...

then this program was created for YOU, friend

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Our signature coaching intensive is designed for coaches and creative entrepreneurs who want to scale their business through courses & online programs.

In 4 weeks, you'll build your evergreen funnel - start-to-finish. We'll work together to create a completely personalized funnel map + easy-to-implement plan so you can *finally* build your funnel and hit your passive-income goals.

Best part? You've got personal access to our team the entire time, so say goodbye to tech overwhelm and hello to easy launches and scaling!


So what's included in the program?

Personal Marketing & Funnel Strategy

We kick off the program with a 1:1 strategy call to work through the details of your business and funnel.

This is where we'll talk about your unique goals, audience, offers, and priorities to make sure your funnel plan is customized to help you scale and grow in the way that matters most to you (+ serves your people well).

Customized Funnel Map + Action Plan

After your strategy call, our team will build out your completely custom funnel map, along with detailed action steps and a timeline of tasks to be completed to keep you focused and on track. Talk about a game plan!

We'll also recommend any needed tech or tools you many not already use and how you can utilize systems to scale with simplicity.

Tech Trainings + Unlimited Implementation Support

Got a question? Need help implementing the tech? I've got you.

Students have access to exclusive over-the-shoulder screen recordings showing you exactly how to make all the tech work to build your funnel. You'll also receive priority, personal support in both a private Slack channel and Voxer access throughout the program.


Jordan’s the type of person who comes to the table with ideas and always makes you feel secure and confident about your decisions with your business.

My marketing, my websites and my courses have been flawless since locking arms with Jordan. In one month alone, my business brought in over $30,000 in profit! Plus our first retreat is already half way sold out in less than a month! Jordan is by far one of the best, but what sets her apart is her heart, her drive and her commitment to building a person not just a business!

- Samantha Sagot | Confidence Coach + Serial Entrepreneur

jordan jones marketing coach


Hi, I'm Jordan - your marketing coach & new funnel-building BFF.

I'm a mamapreneur + marketing strategist with a passion for helping creative entrepreneurs like you build impactful, income-driving businesses (without sacrificing what matters most).

Building funnels and launch strategies are my love language, and I'm a firm believer you don’t need to choose between a profitable and purposeful business. When I'm not geeking out over marketing strategy, you can find me adventuring around mountains with my hubby, baby girls, and two rambunctious german shepherds.

Build a purposeful & profitable (part-time) business.

*IMPORTANT: We accept a limited number of students each quarter. Seats are first come, first serve - so be sure to grab a spot on our calendar to learn more asap!