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finding purpose, peace, and freedom in a life lived with Jesus at the wheel.

As a recovering perfectionist + Enneagram 3w2, I've spent most of my life chasing Gold Stars and trying to people please my way to happiness. I did all of the "right" things - from being student council president and high school salutatorian to graduating at the top of my class at Georgetown and accepting the coveted Management Consulting job, I thrived off of accomplishments and success (even if I wasn't the one to define just what that meant).

It wasn't until I entered the corporate world that I started to question exactly whose version of success I was pushing towards. I was flying every week for work, living out of hotels, earning great money as a new graduate... and also crying myself to sleep each night. I had spent all those years working that hard for this? I knew there had to be something more.

That moment was the catalyst for the greatest adventure of my life:

Hi, I'm Jordan!

mamapreneur + marketing nerd

you will never IMPACT the world by being just like it

I believe

Here's the truth, friend: God doesn't play small. So why are you?

Ooof... I remember the first time I asked myself that same question. Talk about a gut check.

It really made me challenge my beliefs. Do I really believe that God created me on purpose and with purpose? Do I really believe that I was given unique gifts, talents, resources, and experiences that He wants me to steward to serve others - and ultimately, Him?

And if I did believe that - then what in the world is holding me back from living out exactly what He's calling me to do?

Yep. I've been there... and I'm guessing if you're here, you've been there too.
And maybe you still are.

My heart is to help you push past your limiting beliefs, escape the comparison trap, redefine success, and step into the woman God is calling you to be so that you can build a faith-filled, impact-focused business that changes lives - starting with your own.

i'm here to help you step into all god's calling you to be.

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Ephesians 3:20

Pete is quite literally an answered prayer. He's my rock (honestly, crazy how spot on his name is!), my hunk of a hubby, my best friend, my encourager, and my guiding light. Our journey in faith + business has been a wild one - and now he's living out his calling by helping busy Christians create more intimacy with God through the Kairos Journal.


Becoming a mama to this joy-filled little babe has completely transformed my life. She's my constant reminder of what matters most, and the Holy Spirit works wonders through her. Most days, you can find me sneaking in baby snuggles between calls and staring shamelessly at her while she sleeps.


Oh boy. These two keep our house alive + wild - and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our adventure pups have traveled all over the country with us in our RV. Russ' ideal day is snuggling up next to me with as many pillows as he can find. Rosie's ideal day involves chasing squirrels on an endless loop - and never, ever getting tired.

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