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Christmas Gift Guide for the Somewhat Crunchy Christian Mama

^ talk about a title lol

Honestly, this gift guide is for everyone – but since I’m a somewhat crunchy Christian mama, these are all things that I personally use and love 🥰️

The past few years have made me very conscious of the types of businesses I support, where I shop, what I bring into my home, and what we eat/give our kids, etc.

And while I’m certainly not perfect and I’m no self-proclaimed expert of natural living or non-woke agendas, I did my best to curate some of my favorite shops & products to share with you as you consider your holiday purchases.

As a small business owner myself, I understand now more than ever how important it is to support other small businesses.

They are the heart of our country & economy, and I love supporting others building out their dreams.

affiliate disclaimer: some of these links may be affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you make a purchase (at no extra cost to you).

So without further ado, here’s the Christmas Gift Guide for the Somewhat Crunchy Christian Mama!


via Whispering Willow Farm


Okay so this is one of the crunchiest suggestions on this list, but it’s also one of my new FAVORITES. The past few years have shifted our mindset on lots of medicine and wellness, especially with how we treat (& prevent) illness in our family.

We started using Earthley products a few months ago and are IN. LOVE. Guys, they’re so good – and so natural.

Some of our favorites that we have stocked at all times are:

  • Feel Better Fast (we struggled with cold symptoms for WEEKS when we moved to CO, and they almost immediately went away once we got this! I’ll always have on hand now)
  • Teeth Tamer (I have two littles teething at the same time… yikes. This is a must have in our house now!)
  • Cough-B-Gone (it seems like everyone is coughing lately, and ours stuck around for weeeeeeeeks. Until this one.)
  • Gut Health Oil
  • Baby Balm Herbal Salve
  • Good Night Lotion (this one is next on my list. I just started taking magnesium at night in the Calm supplement and it’s been amazing).

Shop Earthley Wellness →

Whispering Willow Farm

Not going to lie, I was pretty sourdough ambitious & reluctant. It felt like a LOT of work when I first started making bread, but now I LOVE it.

Jill has some amazing resources & products (and free youtube videos!) on all things sourdough & farm life.

If you’ve been wanting to try making sourdough and don’t have a friend to grab some starter from, you can buy her starter Otis and even take a course from her. I personally have my eye on her Wood Sourdough Bench Scraper 😍

Shop Whispering Willow Farm →

Dilo Home

Our favorite candles, ever.

Our friends from our home church in Jersey started Dilo home, and these are the only candles we use in our home. We even included them in a special holiday gift box we curated for our e-commerce business! Our favorite is the Amber & Oakmoss.

Shop Dilo Home →


I switched to DIME Beauty for my skin care about a year ago and have been loving their products! I love that they’re not only clean products, but in an industry that gets woke pretty fast, they haven’t. They’re also a small business!

My daily routine includes everything in The Works Bundle + the Blue Facial Oil for when I need a little extra blemish support.

Shop Dime Beauty →

Yum Earth

I recently discovered just how terrible artificial dyes are, especially for children…. while also discovering they are in EVERYTHING. While I’d love to just avoid sweets altogether, I have toddlers and prefer to have my own “healthy” sweets on hand for the times that someone at the bank decides to hand my toddler a lollipop. YumEarth is my go to and now my kids always ask to “trade” me for a “good lolly” whenever someone offers them one when we’re out.

You can get 10% off YumEarth with my referral link here!



Conviction Co

Soooo this one may be a little more controversial, but if you’ve realized you actually have some pretty strong convictions as a mama, this shop is for you.

I personally have my eye on the “Dirt & Friends” kids shirt, the “Mandate Veggies” tee, the “Patriot” sweatshirt, everything that says “Raising Disciples“, and the “Make America Florida” sticker.

Shop Conviction Co →

Pinecone Trading Co

Our friend Dallas just opened her brick-and-mortar business in our previous hometown of Medford NJ, and guys – it’s SO STINKING CUTE. Like a hometown, less expensive version of Anthropologie. Plus, she loves Jesus & was a good friend from church in Jersey. There are SO many things to choose from, but I recently decided I’m going to be a bandana person and grabbed one from her store (it’s no longer available, but I have my eye on this one next!)

Shop Pinecone Trading Co →

Elly & Grace

If you’re looking for clothing you’ll love that also helps spark conversations about your faith, Elly & Grace is the perfect shop (& gift ideas!). Brenna became a good friend over the past 2 years since we launched our Christian ecommerce business, and I just love how she shows up so vulnerably and consistently online – plus, her clothing is super cute.

Last year I grabbed one of the Christmas sweatshirts and I unashamedly wear it all year long because it’s THAT comfortable.

Shop Elly & Grace →

Carly Jean Los Angeles

This brand has become a personal favorite of mine the past few years. I originally found them when starting to look into capsule wardrobes and fell in love. I recently bought the Chrissy Distressed Straight Jeans and they are like BUTTER. Pretty sure I’m going to just transition my entire closet to be CJLA.

Shop CJLA →

Walker Family Goods

This is a brand I’ve had my eye on for a while and I can’t wait to take advantage of their 25% off sale for Black Friday! As former backpackers & full-time RVers I just love their mission of inspiring families to travel simple. I’ve got my sights set on the Louie Sling in Orange and the Mini Arrow Packs for my girls!

Shop Walker Family Goods →


via Daily Kairos

Daily Kairos

This feels like a little like shameless self-promotion, but I’d be remiss not to mention our own business. We created the Kairos Journal to help busy Christians spend more time with God and in His Word – and as a self-proclaimed “non-journaler”, this has been a game changer in my own faith.

We just restocked all of our colors, so it’s the perfect time to stock up on journals as gifts & for yourself!

Shop Daily Kairos →

The Bible Study (Brand Sunday)

This study is as beautiful as it is biblical. Our friend Zach created his signature “Bible Study“, which pretty much looks like a gorgeous coffee table-type book that actually helps you understand and read the Bible more (#winwin).

As someone who wasn’t raised Christian and didn’t read the Bible until my twenties, I really love how this study walks you through reading the entire Bible, while giving great context and understanding.

Shop The Brand Sunday →

Abide Embroidery Co

Last year I treated myself to one of these embroidery kits and really loved it! I joined the “stichalong” for Advent and it was such a sweet way of *actually* trying a new hobby and intentionally entering the Christmas season with a prepared heart. Her stich-a-long full kit is sold out for this year, but she has a bunch of great beginner kits & tutorials!

Shop Abide Embroidery Co →

Cards Christians Like

Their tagline says it all: “a party game but with convictions.” Think Cards Against Humanity, but Christian pop culture (without any woke agenda). We actually just played this last night while our in-laws are visiting and had SO much fun!

Shop Cards Christians Like →

Small Business to Support this Christmas

These are just a few of my favorites, but I’d love to hear YOURS now!

Drop a comment below and let me know which brands & businesses you love to support 👇

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