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One Year Case Study: Launching a Business from Scratch

There are so many of us that have big God-sized dreams for our lives & businesses…

And quite a few of us that let life/doubts/fears get in the way of making those dreams a reality.

Even me!

The past 2 years have been a whirlwind – for all of us.

Personally, between the worldwide pandemic, shutting down our marketing business, starting a brand new (+ very different) business, having a baby, buying a home, getting pregnant… there’s been very little margin to say the least.

And while I had BIG plans for this little business of mine back in 2019, I laid them all aside for the past 2 years to focus on what I felt like God was calling me to in that season: stewarding my home & helping Pete grow Daily Kairos.

After months of prayer, I finally feel the call to dive back into this work in a new, fresh way – and I couldn’t be more excited!

But after 2 years of obedience in laying it down, it feels like I’m pretty much starting from scratch.

Growing a Business Part-time to 6-Figures

So what’s the plan?

As an achievement-oriented person, I knew I needed to give myself a plan and some big goals if I was going to launch this business for real this time. Especially when we’re about to welcome our third baby into the world!

And as crazy as it seems to try to do it all together, it oddly feels like perfect timing.

My heart is to help other creatives, mamas, and entrepreneurs grow purposeful & profitable businesses without sacrificing what matters most.

So why couldn’t I challenge myself to do the same – even with a big ole maternity leave & newborn awaiting in the next few days/weeks!


But I couldn’t just set ambiguous goals. No one’s got time for that, they don’t work.

So here’s mine: to pull back the curtains and show you the behind-the-scenes reality of what it’s like to go from 0 to 6 figures in one year – all while working part-time and prioritizing my home life with my family.

Year-Long Business Launch Case Study

Throughout the next year, I’ll be documenting the entire journey of launching and scaling this business.

I’ll share monthly updates, launch strategies, real numbers, all that jazz.

💡Pro tip: be sure to join our email family to get ALL of the updates along the way!

This case study is dedicated to holding myself accountable, pushing past fears & limiting beliefs, and trying to tackle questions like:

  • It is really possible to build a profitable business working just 2 days a week?
  • Is it too late to start X type of business? Someone else is already doing it…
  • I have no audience/social media following, so how can I grow a business?
  • Is there a need for what I have to offer? How do I find the right people to serve?
  • How can I steward my time, talents, & resources for God’s glory?
  • How do I set boundaries around my business that serve my clients well & help me prioritize my family and what matter most?

And so much more.

If you’re here, I’m SO excited to welcome you along the journey with me.

I’d love to learn more about you and YOUR big goals/dreams. Would you leave a comment below?

Or better yet, shoot me a DM on Instagram & let’s connect more IRL 🙂

Thanks for being here, friend!

Stay tuned – I’ll be updating this blog with links as I start sharing more of the process. If there’s anything specifically you’re hoping to see or have questions on anything regarding the business, launch, marketing strategy, etc be sure to drop those questions in the comments below!

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