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If you’ve ever gotten to the end of your work week and realized that you’ve been working non-stop and are completely burnt out, but don’t actually know what you did in your business to move the needle forward, this episode is for you! Today I’m talking about setting and communicating boundaries so that you can […]

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Setting Boundaries in Your Business – Episode 11

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If you’ve ever found yourself avoiding systems like the plague, struggled to consistently show up in your business, or felt like you had to choose between your calling as an entrepreneur and your calling as a mama, this episode is for you. Join Jordan as she interviews Joy Aleman, founder behind brands Photoboss® and Called […]

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Thriving as an Multipassionate Entrepreneur with Joy Michelle – Episode 08

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If you’ve ever struggled with creating sustainable routines, combatting perfectionism, and setting boundaries in an effort to make time for your faith on a daily basis, this episode is for you. Join Jordan as she interviews Brenna Milleville, owner and designer of Elly & Grace, a faith-based apparel company, as she shares how her routines […]

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Creating Routines and Habits to Help Grow Your Faith with Brenna Milleville – Episode 07

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If you have ever struggled with finding out your purpose or figuring out what you are called to do, this episode is for you. Today, we are chatting with Molly Wilcox, an author and a coach who has been featured on Bible Gateway, Darling Magazine, Grit and Virtue, and Way Media. Her first book, How […]

Finding Your Calling with Molly Wilcox – Episode 04

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Has writing good copy ever stopped you from your big business dreams? Tired of writing copy that just sounds like everyone else? In today’s episode, we’re joined by copywriting pro, Jess Jordana, and she shares some of her best tips for writing copy that connects, converts, and still sounds like YOU. We also talk a […]

mastering your messaging and motherhood with jess jordana

Mastering Your Messaging + Motherhood with Jess Jordana – Work and Worship Podcast – Episode 02