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If you have ever struggled with finding out your purpose or figuring out what you are called to do, this episode is for you. Today, we are chatting with Molly Wilcox, an author and a coach who has been featured on Bible Gateway, Darling Magazine, Grit and Virtue, and Way Media. Her first book, How […]

Finding Your Calling with Molly Wilcox – Episode 04

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Oh my GOODNESS guys!!! I am way too excited to be writing this post today, because it means that my first baby step of launching the podcast is HAPPENING! For years I’ve been dreaming up this podcast idea, and believe it or not, it took cutting back my work and refocusing on what matters most […]

Introducing the Work and Worship Podcast!

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There are so many of us that have big God-sized dreams for our lives & businesses… And quite a few of us that let life/doubts/fears get in the way of making those dreams a reality. Even me! The past 2 years have been a whirlwind – for all of us. Personally, between the worldwide pandemic, […]

business case study

One Year Case Study: Launching a Business from Scratch

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I feel like I need to start this post with a BIG disclaimer: I’m not God. Big surprise, I know 😉  But I mean this in all seriousness: I can’t tell you what your calling is. Only God can.  He’s the One who created you. He has a purpose for your life – I just […]

how to figure out your calling

How to Figure Out Your Calling

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As I sit on the plane on the way back from my second United, I can’t help but reflect back on this experience – and how different this past year has looked! Ellie is sleeping (thank the Lord!) in her carseat on the plane next to me (thank the Lord times a million for the […]


Showit United 2019 Recap