5 steps to building your first nurture sequence

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5 Steps to Building Your First Nurture Sequence

No matter what kind of business you’re growing, creating a nurture sequence is so important for serving your audience well! 

Nurture funnels are the magic tool to helping you build trust, establish yourself as a thought leader, segment your list, and eventually lead your audience into the sale in a non-sleazy, super-valuable way. 

Curious what in the world a nurture sequence is? Read this post first on why you need a nurture sequence!

In this blog, I’m going to walk you through 5 simple steps to building your first nurture sequence.

1. Define Your Audience

Before you start building any of your funnels, you’ll always want to start with the WHO.

Who are you serving? 

For some of you, this may be super clear and easy. As an example, I serve faith-filled entrepreneurs who want to grow impactful, income-driven businesses without sacrificing what matters most.

For others of you, this may be a little more difficult – or you may serve a few different audiences. As an example, maybe you’re a wedding photographer who serves engaged couples AND you provide education for other aspiring photographers. In this case, you’ll want to segment and serve those audiences in different ways.

Since they have different needs, those audiences would be nurtured in different ways (aka different nurture funnels!)

2. Determine Your Audience’s Needs, Wants, and Desires

Speaking of needs, we want to get nitty gritty about your audience’s specific pain points.

What do they need most? What do they want to learn (or need to learn)? What services or products would make their lives easier?

Do they have fears? Hopes? Dreams? All of these can make up part of their “need.”

Determining your audience’s needs is a much bigger task than simply building your nurture sequence, and odds are, your audience has quite a few needs!

In terms of your nurture sequence, I recommend focusing on one specific need (or just a few) and think about how YOU can solve that need.

Because the whole point of you nurturing them is to show them that you understand their problem and you have a unique way to help them overcome it. So if we want to build a great nurture sequence, we want to be really dialed in on the need + our solution!

3. Review Your Current Assets

We’re big fans of using what you’ve got to work with – meaning, let’s not start from scratch if we don’t have to! 

When starting to build your nurture sequence, take a look at the assets and content you already have! This could be:

  • Blog posts
  • Instagram or social media posts
  • Previous emails for your list
  • Case studies

For example, as part of our welcome and nurture sequence, we love including some of our most-read blog posts. Something so simple as sharing content you have already worked hard to create can still provide a TON of value for your new subscribers, help establish you as a thought leader in their mind, and build the like, know, and trust factors.

4. Decide on the Length and Purpose of Your Funnel

At the end of the day, you want to have a clear idea of why you’re nurturing your audience in the first place.

What is your end goal?

Are you selling a course or a program? Do you want them to apply for your 1:1 services? Do you want them to subscribe to your podcast? Purchase using your affiliate links?

While you may be able to work a few of these in to your nurture sequence, it’s best to have one clear vision mapped out. This way, you can lead the conversation – and nurture it – to prime them for the action you desire them to take.

Knowing your end goal will also help you determine how long your nurture sequence should be. For example, if your goal is to get them to subscribe to your podcast, it probably won’t take as much nurturing or convincing as getting some to hire you for a few thousand dollars.

Be sure to think about your length + purpose before mapping out your sequence!

5. Map Out Your Sequence

Speaking of…. Last but not least, it’s time to map out exactly what you want your sequence to look like!

This seems to be a super overlooked step, but I am a BIG believer in creating your workflow and visualizing what your sequence will look like BEFORE you ever build it. This will help you identify any gaps, missing pieces, or opportunities! It’ll also help you really see how each step of the process nurtures your audience.

5 steps to building your first nurture sequence

You can map out your sequence with a whiteboard, your notebook, or an online tool like Draw.io.

Personally, I LOVE using Draw.io. It’s free and super simple to use, edit, and share with your team. 

Check out this blog post for a step-by-step walkthrough of how I map out my funnels and sequences.

And that’s all, folks! If you follow these 5 simple steps, you’ll have your first nurture sequence built-in NO time 🙂 

Ps – want to peek at our own nurture sequence? You can join the email fam here + see it live in action! xx

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