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Should You Choose a Niche?

Today, we’re going to break down one of my FAVORITE topics: choosing a niche.

You’ve probably heard it said that the “riches are in the niches” – and I couldn’t agree more.

I know it can be scary to think about niching down in your business. That is why we’re going to walk through one of the most common objections (that we totally had too) and how you can figure out the right niche for YOU and YOUR business. Let’s dive in!

Will Choosing a Niche Limit My Business?

To be honest, niching down is something that we avoided for YEARS in our business because we had this very fear.

We hold ourselves back from choosing a niche because we had a limited belief that by focusing on one type of audience then we’d be “missing out” on serving everyone else.

When we first started our business, we were doing ALL types of marketing for ALL types of business. We were building websites, running Facebook ads, doing social media management, coaching – you name it and we were probably doing it for one of our clients.

About two years in, we finally realized we were spreading ourselves way too thin and decided to focus on one area of our expertise that we felt had the greatest impact and need: Facebook ads and funnels.

Even though we focused our services, we were still serving everyone. We were running ads for lawyers, loan officers, real estate agents, jewelers, photographers, venue owners, and health coaches.

And because we were trying to serve EVERYONE, we had a really hard time marketing ourselves.

Sounds kind of funny now to think of it that way… that as marketers, we had a hard time marketing ourselves.

There we were helping our clients grow and scale, and yet we were limiting ourselves because we wouldn’t choose a niche to serve.

It felt like choosing one niche meant that we would be saying “No” to everyone else… and wouldn’t that limit our potential growth and opportunities?

If you’re asking yourself the same question, I totally get it. But here’s the thing: you can’t serve your people well if you’re trying to serve EVERYONE.

Aka – choosing a niche will actually help you to serve your people better AND make more money doing it.

Why You Need to Choose a Niche

Like I mentioned above, it took us almost two years to learn this lesson. We had SO many conversations during that time about choosing our niche, but we were honestly too scared to lose out on other income or business opportunities.

The whole reason I’m sharing this post today is to encourage you to NOT make the same mistake. Niching isn’t bad, and it isn’t going to limit your business.

In fact, the first year after FINALLY deciding to niche, we doubled our business. We doubled it again the next year.

So what happened that caused this giant leap in our income and impact?

Instead of being a super small fish in a gigantic ocean, we became a super experienced, focused fish in a much smaller pond.

For us, this meant going from being digital marketers who ran ads for any kind of business to Facebook ads experts for wedding professionals.

Choosing a niche allowed us to show up and serve our people the best we could because we could write copy and create programs that were specific for THEM. 

The #1 course from this business is called Happily Ever Growth and it’s focused on teaching wedding professionals how to get booked out using Facebook ads.

Wanna know what’s crazy? What we teach inside that course is the SAME strategy we used to book out our own high-ticket coaching programs. It’s the same strategy we used to help a lawyer generate medical malpractice leads. It’s the same strategy we used to help a health coach launch and grow a membership program.

But because we focused it on wedding professionals, we were able to speak DIRECTLY to our audience’s pain points, fears, challenges, and goals – and because of that, our audience didn’t need to wonder if the program would work for them. They KNEW it was created for them, which meant it was a lot easier for them to feel comfortable investing in it.

That exact program alone brought in over six-figures in our business in 2019.

All because we took our proven strategies and focused them on ONE niche that we could focus on serving really well.

How to Figure Out Your Niche

So now that I’ve convinced you of the power of choosing a niche in your business, the next question is: how do you choose your own niche?

This is where the magic happens! It’s not just important to choose A niche, you want to choose the right niche.

Now, heads up – this may totally change and evolve as you grow your business, your priorities change, and your expertise changes.

But let’s just talk about your business RIGHT NOW.

Here are a few questions to help you decide on a niche:

  • Who are your best clients?
  • Who do you LOVE to serve?
  • Where is there a big need for your services?
  • Which service/offering do you have unique expertise at?
  • What are you known for?

Once you start to answer these questions, you’ll likely come up with a few ideas for audiences to choose from.

The next step? Narrow down even more.

If you think you’ve chosen a narrow niche, go deeper.

At first, we were branding ourselves as marketers for “all creative entrepreneurs.” We were ready to niche, but we were too scared to go all in. We wanted to keep our options open.

But what we found is creative entrepreneurs, although they’re all looking to grow their business, they do it in very different ways.

And so we narrowed into teaching service-based creative entrepreneurs (aka those who wanted to learn ads to book out a service vs. selling an e-commerce product).

But it still wasn’t narrowed in enough. We weren’t able to speak exactly to our audience until we REALLY focused on and chose wedding professionals.

We chose wedding professionals after answering a lot of the questions I posed above! MOST of our clients were wedding professionals (even more specifically, photographers). There is a big need in the wedding industry to learn ways to stand out and stop relying on price-shopping inquiries from the Knot. Many of our students were creatives and loved their craft, but they got overwhelmed with tech and Facebook ads. They didn’t want to pay $2k/mo to hire someone to run ads for them and were motivated to learn the strategies themselves.

And so we put our stake in the ground, showed up to serve wedding professionals, and our business never looked the same.

But you wanna know the best part?

By choosing a niche, we were able to have an even greater impact on the people we serve.

Our students have gone full-time in their business.

They’ve been able to successfully move states – without sacrificing their photography business.

They’ve booked over six-figures from the strategies they learned.

should you choose a niche

Some of them have even used the strategies to get raises and promotions in their full-time jobs, while still keeping their own business as a side-hustle.

THAT is why we’re so passionate about niching down.

Because it won’t just transform YOUR business, it’ll allow you to transform the lives of those you serve in even bigger, better ways.

So now it’s your turn: what niche are you going to focus on in your business?! Comment below + let me know who you’re going to show up and serve 👇

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