The Sacredness of Secular Work with Jordan Raynor

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The Sacredness of Secular Work with Jordan Raynor

How does your work matter for eternity? And how can all of our work – not just gospel-focused work – be sacred? In this faith-filled episode of the Work and Worship podcast, I interview Jordan Raynor on his new book, The Sacredness of Secular Work. 

Get ready to have your perspective on work and faith transformed as Jordan explains how all God-honoring work, from entrepreneurship to changing diapers, contributes to cultivating God’s kingdom on earth.

You’ll be encouraged and equipped to view your daily grind through a sacred lens.

Click below to play Episode 55: The Sacredness of Secular Work with Jordan Raynor


In this episode:

  • 03:25 – Get to know Jordan and  his passion for helping Christians understand the eternal value of  work
  • 08:07 – What does it mean for all of our work to be sacred
  • 10:47 – Our dual commission as Christians
  • 17:35 – Half-truths about heaven (and what the whole truth is)
  • 27:48 – A surprising thing I had never noticed in the Bible before (and why it matters for our work)
  • 35:15 – Our cultural obsession with utility and function and how the Bible demonstrates God’s value for work beyond its usefulness

Links + resources mentioned:

In today’s episode, I had the great privilege of interviewing Jordan Raynor, a leading voice in the faith and work movement and author of the book The Sacredness of Secular Work.

Jordan Raynor’s journey as an entrepreneur, coupled with his deep faith, has given him a unique perspective on how our everyday work can be an integral part of God’s divine plan. His experiences, from running a tech startup to writing bestsellers, have shaped a broader understanding of the sacredness inherent in all kinds of work.

We explored topics like:

  • Our dual commissions as Christians – and what the First Commission means for our work
  • The difference between secular and sacred work – and why all of our work matters for eternity
  • Some half-truths about heaven that we may be believing – and what the Bible actually says is true
  • and so much more!

Truly, this is one of my FAVORITE conversations that we’ve had on the podcast so far, and I think it’ll really shift your perspective on how ALL of our work matters for eternity.

Connect with Jordan Raynor:

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