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What are Powersheets?

(& how I use them to set goals as an entrepreneur)

Think of Powersheets as the perfect combination of a planner, goal tracker, journal, and a loving, grace-filled kick in that pants to *actually* do the hard work of cultivating what matters in your life.

Lara Casey is the creator behind Powersheets and Cultivate What Matters. She’s also the author of Cultivate and Make it Happen and hosts the Making Things Happen conference (among being super intentional about her own life, faith, and family!)

If you couldn’t tell, I’m just a *little* bit of a fan girl.

Why I Started Using Powersheets

I actually first found out about Powersheets from my first life coach, Diana Kerr. She’s Lara’s coach as well (so that means we’re almost friends, right?!). 

Diana specializes in helping go-getter Christian women break free from overwhelm, and take a wild guess at what I was struggling with… I was OVERWHELMED by my life + business + goals.

She gently nudged me to consider trying this intentional goal planner called Powersheets.

To be perfectly honest, I was a liiiiiittle nervous to invest so much in a planner. Could it REALLY be that great?

Yep. Yes it is.

Thankfully my timing of coaching with Diana was right around the end of 2016, which means I found out about Powersheets JUST in time for their Black Friday sale. She had warned me that they sell out their yearly planners every year, so I jumped in as soon as I saw them go live!

Are Powersheets Worth It?

You guys – they are worth it. every. penny.

If you know me, you know I’m all about stewardship – especially when it comes to stewarding your finances well.

Which means I don’t take purchases like this lightly. 

Could you go to TJ Maxx and buy your own blank journal? Of course.

But you probably wouldn’t be reading this blog post if those journals had actually helped you live more intentionally AND hit your goals.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I’m the queen of half-empty notebooks and crazy brainstorming sessions that get me ALL fired up and then leave me more overwhelmed than when I started.

These intentional goal planners are exactly what they sound like – a planner to help you set INTENTIONAL goals in your life and business.

2018 PowerSheets Collection

Setting Intentional Goals for Your Life and Business

If you haven’t used Powersheets before, I have to give you a little heads up…

It’s not something you should just try to wing on the first of the month. 

It’s an intentional goal planner, so it was created to walk you through a process to be more INTENTIONAL about how you set your goals. AKA don’t just set them on the fly and run with it.

Instead, there are 30+ pages of prep work, in the beginning, to work through BEFORE you ever set your monthly goals.

Sound crazy? That’s what I thought too. But this prep work is actually one of my FAVORITE features about Powersheets! 

Honestly, I postponed starting my Powersheets for 2020 because I knew I needed time to really work through that first section. So, now I’m kicking them off in February 🙂 

I can’t recommend setting aside time to work through the prep section enough. Lara could probably turn this section into a course and it would be worth $500+… that’s how helpful it is.

Do we all know we need to reflect on our life and last year before setting our new goals? You bet.

Do we *actually* do that most times? Ehhhhh. Maybe. Probably not.

One of my favorite features of Powersheets is that it isn’t a planner for your business or your life – it marries everything together.

If you’re here, odds are you aren’t just looking to grow a crazy successful business. You’re in this to steward your WHOLE life well, right?

Well, Powersheets makes you do the hard work of evaluating every aspect of your life and work in order to cultivate habits and goals that really matter. The prep work covers the following 8 areas:

  • Health
  • Friends
  • Spouse/Significant Other
  • Family
  • Finances
  • Spiritual + Personal Growth
  • Work
  • Recreation
what are powersheets

Long story short: if you’re out to create an intentional LIFE and not just a kick-butt business, Powersheets are probably for you.

How Do I Set Goals as an Entrepreneur?

Okay so let’s talk nitty-gritty for a minute.

How do I actually set my goals in my business – and how does Powersheets help?

I prefer to look at my entire year and set quarterly goals for my priorities in my business (and even my life). It helps me to break it into chunks of time like that and feels more realistic for me achieving them. It also helps me to not overwhelm the living bejesus out of myself : )

While each month has its own section + “tending list” in Powersheets, it ALSO has an ENTIRE SECTION called “Refresh” every three months.

GUYS!!! I can’t tell you what this does for my peace of mind.

To know I can set intentional goals but also have the freedom and flexibility to review and “refresh” those each quarter is what makes this planner the best in my eyes. Lara obviously knows that life changes, our businesses evolve, and we need to be able to update our priorities and goals accordingly.

So here’s how I set goals with Powersheets:

Block out time to work through the 30+ pages of prep work. 

I highly recommend having a chunk of time and some peace + quiet. Personally, I make sure that I pray over that time and ask the Holy Spirit to guide me as I put the pen to paper.

If you have a business partner or spouse, I’d also recommend having some time to work through parts of this prep work together!

It’s also fun to have an accountability partner to set goals with (and check in on to make sure you’re staying with it!). Find a friend and set a date to get started, as well as a touch-base point each month!

Prepare for each month

At the end of each month, I’ll start working on my next month’s prep work. There are a few pages at the beginning of each monthly section that allows you to prepare well. You can review what worked and what didn’t in the month before, check your calendar for what’s coming up, and braindump everything going on in your mind.

This helps you prioritize what’s most important and helps guide what you want to cultivate over the month, weeks, and days following.

Write out your Tending List

Each month there is a tending list with the following sections:

  • Encouraging words (I like to write out a verse I’m memorizing!)
  • Top Priority
  • Monthly Action Items
  • Weekly Action Items
  • Daily Action Items/Habits

Next to the action items, there’s a tracker to help you stay on track throughout the month.

Pro tip: your Tending List is perforated – meaning you can tear it out and keep it with you wherever you go!

Complete your Monthly Review

At the end of each month, take some time to work through the short one-page review. This is really fun for me to do! 

It’s not as much about grading myself on what I’ve accomplished (which keeps my not-so-great Enneagram 3 tendencies in check), but rather it focuses on cultivating gratitude

Refresh your goals every 3 months

As I mentioned before, after three months, you’ll find a Three-Month Goal Refresh section. This section helps you check in on those BIG picture goals you worked through at the beginning of the year and evaluate each area of your life to see the progress you made in the past three months.

For me, this has been incredibly helpful to see which areas need more attention and think through what I can do moving forward to cultivate those areas of my life and work.

Kick Butt and Cultivate What Matters

And that’s it, friends! All that’s left is to kick but and start cultivating those intentional goals ✊

If you are looking for a little accountability, I’d love to work on this together!

Each month I share my Tending list + review on the blog. You can join my email fam here to be the first to know when those posts are live!

using powersheets for intentional goal setting

I’d love for you to comment and share what YOU are prioritizing and tending each month 🙂 

*Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links and I would love it if you decided to use them. Affiliate links + referrals programs help educators like me to fund the free content that we provide on our blogs at no additional cost to you.

Have you ever used Powersheets? If so, how has it changed your life + business? If not, how do you set intentional goals? 👇

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