2020 reading list

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2020 Reading List

This year I set a big goal to read 24 books (trying to average 2 a month!).

To hold myself accountable – aside from just writing the goal in my Powersheets each month – I’m sharing my ongoing reading list here.

Note: this blog will continue to be updated throughout 2020 as I read more books, so be sure to bookmark it and check back later! You can also join my email fam here if you want to stay in the loop (+ get some preeeeeetty sweet marketing tips while you’re at it 😉).

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To start, I’ll list the books in order as I’m reading them. I’ll also break them out into categories with brief thoughts and a ranking below!

Books I’ve Read so far in 2020

In the next sections, I’m going to break the books down by category to make it a little easier to peruse if you’re looking for inspiration or curious about the types of books I’m reading! I’ll also share some brief thoughts and an overall ranking.

Faith and Inspiration Books

Fake or Follower

Fake or follower andi andrew

Rating: 4/5

I first heard of Andi when she spoke at the Collyde Summit at Liquid Church in 2019. I loved her heart and humor from the start, and I bought this book while at the conference. She writes with the same personality and humor, without sacrificing pure spiritual truth (with a good dose of a kick in the pants).

Marketing and Business Books


Rating: 2.5/5

I started reading this because it was free with Kindle Unlimited and looked like it would be super timely and relevant to launching my own personal brand (and branching off from Pete + Jordan). Maybe I didn’t have the right expectation, but this was hyper-focused on building a brand to be an Instagram-type influencer. It went into a lot of detail about securing brand partnerships and such, which while it was interesting it wasn’t my cup of tea. That being said, if you’re looking to be an influencer and build a business by partnering with brands, this would be a really practical book for you to read.

2020 Reading List

Book Recommendations

As I’m growing this list, I’d love to hear what books YOU are reading! Any favorites you’d like to recommend? Or maybe you’ve read one of the books above? Drop a comment below & let me know your thoughts!

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