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February Goal Recap

Does anyone else feel like January was a suuuper long month and then February just flew by in a blink of an eye?!

Maybe it was the fact that I was away speaking at the Evolve Workshop in SF the first week and then came right to our RV in Colorado, but my oh my has this month gone by fast – even with the extra day! 😂

It could also feel like it went too fast as I am reviewing my goals and feeling like I didn’t do quite as much as I was hoping for this month!

But hey – if there’s anything I’ve learned about goal setting it’s this: to set SMART goals, to work hard, and to give yourself some grace.

This month we’re living in an RV in Colorado, and so I’m on a much more full-time mom mode than normal (which I am not complaining about 🥰️). That being said, my main focus work-wise was to get our evergreen course funnel for Happily Ever Growth up and running (it is!) and to be more consistent with blogging, my email list, and Instagram for my Jordan Jones brand.

So all in all, I’m pretty darn happy with how this month went!

But what does that look like in terms of my February Powersheets? Let’s break it down!

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February Tending List + Goals

To hold myself accountable, I’m going to be sharing my monthly Powersheets Tending Lists here on my blog. 

You can review my February Tending list or check out the entire archive of Powersheets blogs!

Here’s a recap of how this month went for each of my goals:

Monthly Action Items

  • Launch a new website – SO happy to say this is done! There are still a few tweaks + fun additions coming, but right now I’m believing that done is better than perfect 🙌
  • ❌ Finish website tasks – pretty sure this is going to be an ongoing list, because while I checked some things off, the whole list just got longer! Realizing this is too generic of a goal and I need to break down what those tasks are and when I want to prioritize adding them!
  • 〰 Create my signature opt-in + funnel – we’ll say this one is “in progress” 😉I have a TON outlined for it and now know what it’s going to be, but it’s far from complete! Excited to make this the main goal for March!
  • 〰 Read 2 books – boy oh boy did this goal fall to the wayside. I’ve been really bad at my nightly reading routine, so this is a good reminder to prioritize this more! I *did* read one book though and have about 3 others in progress. You can see my 2020 reading list here!
  •   Take Kayla’s Mom Photography School – since this is a live course, I’m as caught up as I can be and I am LOVING it! Seriously, Kayla has a knack for making this whole photography thing WAY easier to understand and I’m so excited to complete this next month!

Weekly Action Items

  • Workout 3x/week – with the exception of my first week traveling, I was able to keep this up! I’ve been skiing twice a week and doing Tone It Up workouts at the gym in the RV park 3+ times a week and LOVING them!
  • Instagram 5x/week – I’m feeling so much more inspired & consistent in this area. I’ve been setting an intentional time on Monday mornings to draft up my posts for the week to make sure they’re valuable and purposeful, instead of just rushing to post something “just because”. (Pro tip: using Planoly for scheduling has been a game-changer!)
  • 〰 Blog 2x/week – I’ve been consistently blogging once a week, but I’ve been reevaluating my content calendar to figure out if that second post should really be a blog or something else 🙃 so for now, it’s once a week I’ll be committing to!
  • Newsletter 1x/week – woot woot! Sending emails out to my little community on here has been SO fun. (pssst you can join the email fam here!)

Daily Action Items/Habits

  • 〰 Silent time with God – honestly, this should be my #1 priority, and although I spend 6 out of 7 mornings with Him, I feel like that’s not enough. Next month (and forever) I really want to prioritize spending MORE quality time with God
  • Up before 7 am – yes and yes! It probably doesn’t hurt that we’re in bed by 9 pm here 😂
  • Write in my Kairos Journal – with the exception of 2 days because I finished my journal (and couldn’t start a new one because it was in the back room where Ellie was sleeping), I’ve been super consistent and it’s been incredible to see the growth in my faith just by using this journal. 
  • ❌ Read 30 minutes/day – this was an epic fail. No excuses, just gotta do a better job at logging off at night and spending more time reading once Ellie is asleep!

And there you have it – my February progress! 

February goals recap

I think it’s super important to review your goals, even if you didn’t do everything “perfectly.” For me, this month showed me that I wasn’t prioritizing some simple but very important things that matter to me (like silent time with God and reading more). So I’m excited to kick off March with a refreshed look at my personal & professional goals!

Stay tuned for my March tending list next week!

Your turn: What goals did you work on this month?! How did your own progress go?

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