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March Goals – Powersheets Recap

Well, to say March was an interesting month is probably an understatement.

We went from living in our RV in the Colorado Rockies to moving back to our house on the East Coast and now self-quarantining with a pandemic on the loose.

It’s definitely shaken up our schedules and priorities a bit – and so it’s been interesting to reflect on how my goals have changed and evolved in such a short time.

I really want to steward this time as best as I can, so I’m excited to recap and review what I’ve been working on and what’s coming up next in our life and business!

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March Tending List + Goals

To hold myself accountable, I share my monthly Powersheets Tending Lists here on my blog. 

You can review my March Tending list or check out the entire archive of Powersheets blogs!

Here’s a recap of how this month went for each of my goals:


  • 〰 Create signature opt-in + funnel – this is SO CLOSE to being done! Clearly, it’s a bit of a work in progress since it’s been on my monthly list for 2 months now 🙂 BUT I’m so thrilled with the progress. This quiz opt-in involves 9 blogs, 3 free resources, and quite a few email nurture sequences. I can’t wait to finish the last few steps next month! I was full speed ahead on this goal the first half of the month, but once things start shutting down I really shifted gears and focus and launched a free pop up group (Self Quarantine School) to provide education, encouragement, and prayer.
  • ❌Finish Mom Photography School– I still have two modules left to finish in this course! I really want to be able to sit down and focus, because taking better photos is a big goal of mine so I didn’t want to rush through to just “check it off” my list. Also, my mom treated herself to a new Canon camera, so I’m excited to “borrow” it and try it out with everything I’m learning!
  • ✔️Read 2 books – WOOO! I read “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing” this month. You can see my 2020 reading list here!


  • ✔️Email newsletter 1x week – reeeeeally loving writing and sending these out each week! If you’re not part of my email fam, you can join here
  • ✔️Blog 1x week – with my new quiz creation goal, we’ve been cranking out some amazing blogs this month! We doubled this goal and blogged 2x a week. Woot woot!
  • 〰 Instagram 5x week – I’ve been consistently sharing 4-5x a week on Instagram, and to be honest, I’m really okay with that. I’ve been trying to focus on only sharing quality content and gave myself a little grace during this craziness to not show up just for the sake of sharing something.
  • ✔️Ski 2x week (while in Breck) – We wrapped up our RV travels in Breckenridge this month and my goal was to ski at least twice a week while we were there. Hit this goal for the 5 weeks I was there and got 10 days in on the mountain!
  • ✔️Workout 3x week – Feeling SO good about keeping the workouts consistent! I really want to train for a half marathon to keep me motivated, but for now, it looks like I’ll be sticking to home workouts since everything’s getting postponed! 


  • ✔️Read the bible + silent time with God – This month I really focused on making this a top priority and waking up early before Ellie so I wouldn’t sacrifice this time
  • ✔️Kairos Journal – used my Daily Kairos journal almost every day this month!
  • 〰 Read 30 minutes – I read WAY more than last month, so I’m on the right track with this habit! I definitely didn’t do it every day, but it’s been great to be choosing reading in bed at night over just mindlessly scrolling or watching TV.

Like I said before, this whole COVID-19 pandemic has definitely forced us to shift our focus and priorities this month.

While I was focusing on content creating and blogging on my business, we also launched a new evergreen funnel in our Pete + Jordan business that took a lot of our time and focus. I’m SO glad we launched that in the middle of the month though because it’s been growing and allowing us to show up and serve in new ways during this crisis that we may not have had the ability to do so without it.

This time has also made me realize that I’ve been playing a little small and holding myself back in this business. I LOVE creating all of this free content, but I have realized that there are people who actually want to work with me to build and launch funnels – and I haven’t been given them a way or an opportunity to do that.

So this month I welcomed my first done-for-you evergreen funnel build client. I am also launching a new 4-week group coaching intensive to help entrepreneurs build their funnels start to finish! I’m REEEEALLY excited to show up and serve in this way – because if you didn’t know it already, funnels and launch strategies are my JAM.

Funneling Freedom - 4 week coaching intensive. Build your marketing funnel from start to finish in just 4 weeks
Want to build your own marketing funnel but overwhelmed by all the tech? Click the image to schedule a discovery call and learn more about my limited-time, 4-week coaching intensive!

Stay tuned as I share my April Tending List next and how everything’s shifting with the extended quarantine guidelines!

Your turn: How have your goals or priorities changed this past month with everything going on in the world? Have you had to change any of your services or launches? How has this impacted what you’re focusing on? Let me know in the comments!

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